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December 17, 2021

Homes and condos for sale in Maui, Hawaii

Do you have a luxury property you want to promote?  Give us a shout.  We’re regularly sharing amazing homes for sale on Maui via social media and popular websites.

Maui Real Estate Team

Maui real estate Team

Headed by Principal Broker and Owner Billy Jalbert, The Maui Real Estate Team ensures all of your Maui property needs – whether you’re looking to buy or sell – are exceeded, primarily through the use of the latest technology paired with The Maui Real Estate Team’s expert knowledge of the island’s real estate market, proactive approach to negotiations and deal-making, and top-notch standards for providing customers with a ‘different, better real estate experience.’

With unsurpassed knowledge of Maui and professional yet helpful communication skills, Billy and his team are always on call to ensure all of your questions are answered and your desires are surpassed. Find your Maui dream home or entrust The Maui Real Estate Team Inc. to get you the best deal possible by contacting them directly at (800) 579-1525.

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Maui VIP Homes

Estate management, homeowner representation, construction management, house watching, design consultants

Maui VIP Homes helps you choose the appropriate builder or contractor for upcoming desired tasks, ensuring you receive competitive prices and that work is both timely and accountable. They also can ensure your home or estate is looked after and protected while you are away. Call (808) 419-0510



Top 10 Maui Vacation Rentals

Top 10 Maui Vacation Rentals

TOP 10 MAUI VACATION RENTALS Maui vacation rentals can be a great, affordable alternative to staying at a resort. However, there are stringent rules for vacation rental owners. The county can shut down unpermitted vacation rentals at the drop of a hat, leaving...

Top 15 Beaches On Maui

Top 15 Beaches On Maui

Maui is studded with waterfalls, hiking trails, and luxury resorts, but the island's biggest allure is the beaches. Maui has more miles of swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian Island! While there are far more than 15 beaches on the island, here are some of our...

Havens Maui


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