Maui Wedding Tips

March 12, 2022

For those getting married on Maui, please enjoy some often-overlooked Maui wedding tips.


Don’t get caught making these easy mistakes before your Maui wedding.  A little knowledge can save you from regret.


Tan Lines

tan linesBeware of the sun! Often times brides getting married in Maui will work on their tan before the wedding. You can’t undo overdone tans. So, keep this in mind. it’s always better to be a little lighter than a lobster. AND wear a strapless bikini. Strap tans can ruin your look when wearing a strapless dress, and you’d rather your photographer concentrate their photoshop magic on the things you DON’T have control of.



Maui Venues

cliffhouseWhile beach weddings will forever be immensely popular on Maui, the aforementioned cons can steer people towards booking a venue. Luckily, there is no shortage of stunning wedding venues all over the island. Obviously, you’re going to want to pick a venue that works for your ceremony size and vision. Do you picture your wedding by the ocean or in lush Upcountry? Can the venue accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited? Since sifting through the countless venues can be overwhelming, we recommend The Cliff House at Montage Kapalua Bay for smaller gatherings. Dramatic views at every turn, this historic, as-oceanfront-as-it-gets venue sits over dazzling waters near Kapalua Bay and is outfitted with amenities fit to host groups of up to 30 guests.



sunsetsMake sure to be aware of the sunset time. We suggest you speak with your photographer when it comes to scheduling the ceremony and romantic photos. Often, wedding planners are thinking about everything other than romantic sunset photos. The sun only sets for a brief amount of time, so make sure you have enough time for it.



Group Photos

group photosAsk someone at your wedding party or family that knows the most people to help organize group pictures. Your photographer doesn’t know that Aunt Josephine needs to be paired with your cousins in photos or if the parents are divorced and shouldn’t kiss, but you and your designated friend will. This is crucial for things to run smoothly, which allows the time needed for all the pairings to happen.



Rain Belt Beaches

rainy daysThough on the south and west side of Maui, you’re likely to not get rained on, there are a few spots that are considered rain belts. You’ll find that Kapalua and Napili have a belt of clouds that often rain on the area. Big Beach area in Makena has the same thing, though it rains less. Plan accordingly with backup plans or tents and umbrellas.



Knees & Food

foodDon’t lock your knees when at the alter! This can be a big mistake because many grooms and brides have toppled over during the big moment. Stay loose and have a slight bend in your knees the whole time. Also, make sure to eat and drink a little something before the ceremony. It’s easy to forget, and there’s nothing worse than passing out on your big day.



Beach Weddings

beach weddingsRemember that all beaches on Maui are public. This means that if you decide to get married on a beach, there’s a pretty good chance that people will be lounging there. There’s also a chance that someone else might plan on getting married there at the same time! It’s usually not a problem, but if you’re concerned, consider booking a private location (an estate, resort lawn, or private residence.)



Maui Weather

weather MauiWondering what the weather will be like? Did it say that there’s a chance of rain on the report? Don’t stress too much. At any given moment, it’s raining somewhere on Maui (usually on the Northside or in Hana.) It still might rain during your wedding, but you’re pretty safe on the south or west side. If you’re having your wedding closer to wintertime, it could get wet even on the south or west sides. So, think ahead, rent a tent for the reception or have it indoors.



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