What to Pack for a Trip to Maui, Hawaii

July 1, 2023

Planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii? Congratulations! Maui is an absolutely gorgeous place and you’re sure to have a great time. But what should you pack for your Maui vacation?

To make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip, here’s a list of things you should pack for Maui.

Pack For Maui Arriving


Beach Essentials

Of course, one of the main reasons people visit Maui is to spend time at the beach. Maui has some of the best beaches in the world, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of them! To make sure you have everything you need, pack reef-safe sunscreen, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, sandals, and beach towels.

Pack For Maui Beach Bag

If you’re planning on doing any snorkeling or swimming in the ocean or pools while you’re on Maui (and we highly recommend that you do!), don’t forget to pack goggles if you have sensitive eyes when in pools and fins and snorkel gear. You can usually rent gear like this from a local shop like Boss Frogs at a really good price, but some people like to bring their own.

Pack For Maui Snorkel Gear


Clothes for all Occasions

Maui is a pretty casual place, so most of the clothes you pack should be comfortable and easy to move in. Shorts, t-shirts, and light dresses are all great options. However, there are a few occasions when you’ll want to dress up a bit more. If you’re planning on going out to dinner or Maui luau, make sure to pack at least one nicer outfit.

Pack For Maui Clothing

And if you’re attending a luau while on Maui (again, highly recommended!), remember that most luaus are “Island Formal” meaning collared aloha shirts for men and pretty dresses for women.  You can go in shorts and flip-flops, but at least try a bit.  Also, bring a light sweatshirt, as it can cool down at night, especially Upcountry.


Adventure Gear

Depending on what sort of activities you plan on doing while on Maui will determine what kind of adventure gear you need to pack. If you’re planning on doing any hiking or biking, be sure to pack appropriate shoes and clothing (red dirt/mud is a real thing, so pack hiking clothes you don’t mind ruining). And if you don’t want to rent snorkel gear, don’t forget to pack your own! Whatever else you might need can probably be rented from a local shop when you arrive on Maui.

Pack For Maui Adventure Gear



By preparing ahead of time and packing the essentials—beach gear, casual clothes, and adventure gear—you can make sure that your trip to Maui is as enjoyable as possible.

  • Reef-safe Sunblock: This one is a no-brainer. The sun in Maui is incredibly strong, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of sunscreen packed. Not only will it help prevent sunburn, but it will also help reduce your risk of skin cancer.  You MUST get reef-safe too.  Make sure to protect our ocean life.
  • Beach Towels: You’ll definitely want to pack at least 1 beach towel per person. They’ll come in handy whether you’re going to the beach, swimming in the pool, or even just taking a shower (if the others are wet/dirty.) Most condos and resorts will give you bath towels and pool towels, but beach towels are seldom provided.
  • Bug Spray: Another essential for any trip to a tropical destination. Be sure to pack bug spray so you can avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and other nasty bugs.  Some people are more susceptible than others, so gauge your own needs.  Be cautious of bug spray with toxic components like DEET.
  • Hats/Sunglasses: Again, the sun in Maui is incredibly strong. You’ll want to make sure you have hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Walking around in flip-flops all day may sound like fun, but trust me, your feet will thank you if you pack some more comfortable shoes if doing some serious walking. It’s pretty crucial to pack a pair of walking shoes or sneakers for exploring Maui’s many hiking trails.
  • Practical Stuff: Bathroom bag, plugs and cables for devices, ID/money, and an extra change of clothes in your carry-on in case luggage is lost.
  • Keep in mind that reef-safe sunblock, towels, bug spray, hats, glasses, and even shoes can be bought at the Lahaina Gateway shopping center at great prices.

Pack For Maui What To Bring


What NOT to Pack

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii, you might be wondering what NOT to pack. After all, Maui is a tropical island paradise, and many people overpack. Here’s a quick guide on what not to pack for your trip to Maui.

  • Too Many Clothes: Unless you’re planning on exploring every climate and getting really dirty on different hikes, there’s no need to pack your whole closet. A few sets of clothes are all you need; remember, it’s a tropical island so you won’t need much more than that.  You’ll end up using swimsuits multiple times, and no one will care.
  • Your Whole Makeup Bag: Again, unless you plan on doing some serious primping while you’re on vacation (looking at you, IG friends), there’s no need to bring your whole makeup bag with you. Just throw in some basics like foundation, mascara, and lip gloss and call it good.
  • Valuables: Leave your valuables at home; there’s no need to bring them with you on vacation. Not only could they get lost or stolen, but they’ll just weigh you down and add stress to your trip.

Pack For Maui Over Packing

Packing for a trip to Maui, Hawaii can be daunting, but hopefully, this list has helped give you an idea of what to bring (and not bring) with you on your trip to Maui. Now, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in paradise!



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